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Glass From Our 11 May 2014 Glass Fair

The images featured in this Preview Gallery illustrate examples of glass
that will be offered for sale at our May 2014 glass fair. In the weeks leading up to our next fair we will contimue to update the gallery and add new images of the glass that will be offered for sale on the 11th of May 2014.

To make it easier for collectors to view the type of glass they are interested in, the glass featured in the Preview Gallery has been placed into separate categories.

In Focus: Vic Bamforth

Painted graal vase by contemporary glass artist Vic Bamforth
Painted graal vase by contemporary glass artist Vic Bamforth

Contemporary glass artist Vic Bamforth has long been a regular exhibitor at the National Glass Fair. He always brings along a good selection of his world class art glass and the next fair will be no exception.

The basics that drive Vic Bamforth's work are colour, movement and the unique properties and qualities of the medium of glass. Glass has provided Vic with an ideal three-dimensional canvas to carry figurative, often humorous, content.

All Vic Bamforth's pieces are hand blown, but it is his own personal approach to glass making that has set him apart from other glass artists. This is especially the case when it comes to the work he creates using a highly unique painted graal technique (see above for an example).

Visit the May 2014 Contemporary Preview Gallery to view further examples of glass by Vic Bamforth. You will also find a good variety of glass by other contemporary glass artists.

Visit our In Focus page for more selected highlights from our May 2014 preview gallery.


17th & 18th Century Glass

*Visit this Preview Gallery if you are interested in drinking glasses, decanters and other glassware from the 17th and 18th centuries.

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[Last Updated 6 April 2014]

19th & 20th Century Glass

*This Preview Gallery is dedicated to decorative and collectable glass of all kinds from the 19th & 20th centuries.

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[Last Updated 23 April 2014]

Contemporary Glass

*This Preview Gallery should be your first port of call if you are interested in work by contemporary glass artists, makers and designers.

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[Last Updated 24 April 2014]

Antique & Modern Paperweights

*This Preview Gallery is aimed at collectors interested in both antique and modern paperweights.

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[Last Updated 31 March 2014]

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