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Hyacinth Vases

Hyacinth Vases With Force Grown Bulbs

Hyacinth Vases With Force Grown Bulbs

On Sunday 10th May 2015 the next National Glass Fair will once again host an interesting exhibition of collectable glassware.

The latest exhibition will be curated by Patricia Coccoris and will celebrate her passion for hyacinth vases.

If you don't already know, hyacinth vases were especially popular during the 18th & 19th centuries and designed for force growing hyacinth flower bulbs.

Patricia Coccoris started collecting hyacinth vases soon after she set up her first home. She took two vases with her and put them into action; so successfully that not only did her hyacinth bulbs grow and blossom, but one became so large that it toppled over and broke!

Patricia went on to buy as many different vases as she could find, exploring the variety of shapes, sizes and colours that were produced and inevitably her fascination grew into a hobby. Trying to track down unusual and rare vases was addictive and great fun, but then Patricia began asking questions about the origin, age and manufacture of the vases she was collecting.

In addition to amassing a collection of hyacinth vases, Patricia has also written a book on the subject: 'The Curious History of the Bulb Vase'. The book was inspired by George Piercy Tye - an Englishman born two centuries ago with whom she shared two things: a passion for hyacinths and the problem of them falling out of their vases.

Shortly after publication 'The Curious History of the Bulb Vase' was featured at the May 2012 National Glass more >>>

When visiting the next National Glass Fair, Patricia Coccoris' hyacinth vase exhibition will be situated on Stand No. 6 in Hall 1.

A selecetion of Hyacinth Vases from Patricia Coccoris' personal collection.

A selection of Hyacinth Vases from Patricia Coccoris' personal collection.


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